Last night, Stephen Colbert criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions about his stance on marijuana, and its legalization throughout the United States. Colbert specifically took issue with Sessions' plan to turn a state's decision to legalize marijuana into a federal issue. 

Colbert did not hold back when discussing the issue on his show, stating how "we've got some bad news for the people who partake of the sweet, sweet green stuff. Of course I'm talking about the money states are making off of legal marijuana." 

Since announcing plans to repeal a policy created by Obama on Thursday, which set a precedent for the legalization of pot, Sessions has endured a barrage of criticism, with some media outlets noting how this political decision is steeped in a racist rhetoric

Colbert also agrees with these racially-charged readings of Sessions' anti-marijuana stance, noting how "this new directive from Sessions must mean only one thing: He still doesn't know that white people smoke pot too." He goes on to joke that "we can't expose our delicate young ladies to the jazzman's reefer stick." Check out the clip below:

Bernie Sanders has also attacked Sessions over his inability to prioritize more pressing matters plaguing the American public. Sanders notes how "marijuana is not heroin," effectively shifting the emphasis away from a minor diversion on the more crucial opioid pandemic. 

Jimmy Kimmel also chimed in on Sessions' controversial stance on legalizing pot, creating an amusing conspiracy theory including a supposed plan to hinder the sale of Girl Guide Cookies; hear all about Kimmel's theory below: