Ever since Cardi B announced that she was expecting her first child with Offset and was officially "free" she's received a lot of love from artists alike. This past weekend, and the weekend before, Miss Cardi did the damn thing while performing for a number fans, showing off her ever-growing baby bump. New footage has surfaced that sees Cardi sitting in the artist section of Beyonce's performance last night comes by and pays his respects.

Honestly, the "Get Up 10" rapper looks a little shocked as she doesn't say anything as Jay pats her tummy and shows her prayer hands. We can only assume she was speechless by Jay taking the time to wish her well. Check out the video below.

Jay Z and Beyonce are readying their On The Run Tour 2 that's set to kick off on June 6th in Cardiff, Wales. “Well, look at what they’ve been through in the last couple of years in terms of the things that they’ve confronted and the way that they’ve put it into art,” Beyonce's step-dad Richard Lawson said. “This is gonna be really a culmination of their growth and their ability to really confront the hard subjects and the hard issues.”