It's common to see bootleggers outside of concerts selling everything from fake tickets to merchandise. While there's been more laws in place to help crack down on scalpers, not much has been done for those who are slinging fake t-shirts. However, Jay-Z and Beyonce's tour company have put their own efforts into place in order to stop anyone from selling fake "On The Run II" merch.

Jay-Z and Beyonce's tour merch company have gone to court to prevent bootleggers from selling counterfeit merch outside of their Boston concert, TMZ reports. They've successfully filed a restraining order against Three Ten Merchandising Services in advance to prevent them from selling knockoff merch outside of their show at the Gillette Stadium on August 5th.

According to court docs, the licensing company said they wanted to give Boston authorities the right to immediately seize any fake merch from the show. They're also threatening to take the bootleggers to court and they estimate the legal fees will come up to $450K.

The documents also said that other major touring artists, such as P!nk, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, have also had this type of court order greenlit across America in the past. 

The licensing company said that the bootleggers have already made a bunch of fake merch ahead of time for their Boston show and this way, they can put their hustle to a halt to which the judge agreed.