When Jared Leto promised to hurt the collective "us" real bad, during his debut reveal as Suicide Squad's Joker, many fans were cautiously optimistic. However, one "damaged" tattoo sent an entire fanbase into a spiral, and it was all downhill from there. Upon receiving the full film, disappointment became full-blown confusion. For such a prominent character, Joker seemed to have been severely underutilized, in favor of an antagonistic beam at that. Yet despite a rocky start, it seems the DC cinematic universe is poised for a promising about-face. 

In an extensive Forbes piece, author Mark Hughes details that some of the once-commissioned plans have fallen to the wayside, where they will remain indefinitely. It has already been confirmed that Margot Robbie's tenure as Harley Quinn is coming to an end, and the studio seems to have abandoned all things Leto-Joker altogether. That includes the expected solo film (not to be confused with Joaquin Phoenix' turn as the Clown Prince Of Crime) and the Bonnie & Clyde-esque take on Joker and Harley's relationship.

What say you? Are you mourning what might have been, or was Leto's Joker enough to have you lighting the Bat-signal in a preventative measure?