In the spirit of things, Jamie Foxx has sworn off white women until the end of the month. When apprehended by TMZ, he made his feelings known, as he passed a field reporter in his Jeep. "Black History," "Black Panther" were among the exaltations being felt in the moment. Jamie senses the importance of taking ownership of the narrative in a film industry predominantly white. "No white girls" seems like a small sacrifice at the altar. 

Funny thing, Jamie Foxx albeit black and proud, is dating Katie Holmes, and though their relationship is slow-budding and remains hush hush up to the point of not existing whatsoever, one can't help at chuckle at the double standard being flipped on its axle.

Jamie Foxx was hyper-present during All-Star Weekend, at one point walking out on a courtside interview when asked about his relationship with Katie. Something tells me this "Black Panther" movie has actors of color peering at their star charts, and with good reason.

[via TMZ]