Remember Zola? The internet moves fast so you can’t be blamed for missing it, but she was the source of one of the more entertaining stories to ever come directly from Twitter last October. You can read the whole thing here. Featuring 148 tweets, the tale had all the trappings of a Hollywood flick, with sex, deception and violence, as Zola joined another stripper and her pimp "Z" on a fateful road trip to Florida from the midwest. After it went viral, people suggested it should literally be turned into a movie, and now it looks like that idea is a few steps closer to reality.

James Franco is teaming up with Andrew Neel and Killer Films to develop a move based on Zola, real name Azia Wells’, tale. The movie will be based on Rolling Stone’s narrative re-telling of the story, but we all know the true heart lies on Twitter.

The rollercoaster story aligns with “Spring Breakers,” another project Franco worked on, so it’s no surprise he’s leading this venture. The “This Is The End” actor would direct the film if it gets cleared for production.

Would you watch if Zola's story became a movie?