James Fauntleroy has come out of his self-described "hermit cave" to weigh in on the Pusha T and Drake beef, sharing some thoughts about the increasingly complicated situation on Twitter Sunday night. 

"Pusha T was a drug dealer, now he's a snitch," he wrote. When the tweet started to catch a fair amount of attention, he responded to the strong opinions being launched at him in his mentions. "I thought everybody was so in love with the truth I didn't think you guys would get so sensitive about that statement lol," he said. "almost these n***as snitching, on themselves, each other, just a whole bunch of tattle telling." He then compared Pusha's bars to the gossipy nature of Wendy Williams.

Fauntleroy later defended Noah "40" Shebib, Drake's in-house producer who was targeted by Pusha on his "Story Of Adidon" diss track. Push made mention of 40's Multiple Sclerosis and suggested that he was "hunched over like he 80" and close to death. "40 is an amazing human being and the n***asy'all defending do bad business, treat people like shit in real life and not even rapping well. Since y'all love snitching so much," he wrote. "What yall don't care about or know is 40 is an actual person, a rare genuine person in a business almost completely full of the opposite - including and especially these bitch ass, promotion hoe ass n***as."

James has done extensive work as a songwriter, and has found himself working both with Drake ("Girls Love Beyonce"), and Pusha T's close collaborator Kanye West ("Clique," "Higher"). Continuing his thoughts on Pusha's attack on Drake, Fauntleroy decided to point out the contradiction in Pusha's "ghostwriting criticisms" considering his proximity to Kanye.

"Kanye literally has had the most ghost creators in music history," he said. "Kanye got ghost writers, ghost stylists, ghost producers, ghosts everything! No wonder these niggas see ghosts! They got em EVERYWHERE."

When questioned as to why he was speaking out Fauntleroy explained that while Drake can defend himself, he's "mad for our sake as black ppl wack raps & the 40 lines." As for Drake's alleged child, Fauntleroy feels the rapper has every right to keep the situation private: "y'all didn't know about Drake's kid like he doesn't know about yours - because you don't...fn...know eachother."

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