Andre 3000 doesn't make music as frequently as he used to, so when he does appear on the scene, fans lose their minds. James Blake and Three Stacks collaborated earlier in the year on the instrumental track "Look Ma No Hands." It appears the two artists pumped out more than one song during their studio time together, because Blake blessed fans with a preview of an unreleased Andre 3000 collaboration recently. 

Blake previewed the song while showcasing some new music in Brooklyn on Saturday. Fans in attendance recorded the song from their phone, although the audio is less than pristine. Three Stacks raps over a dark sounding electronic and pop beat. He employs a rapid flow as he enters the beat, wrapping his words around the thundering drums. As the beat builds around his words, Andre quickens the pace of his flow. By the time the claps are dropped on the beat, Andre begins to sing in the background. His croons slowly turn into a woman's vocals before James Blake jumps back onto the hook. You can check out the Andre 3000 feature at the 7:45 mark, but the rest of the tracks are worth a listen as well. It's been almost three years since Blake dropped his last album, The Colour in Anything, so a new project may be on the way soon.