Jake Paul has turned from YouTuber (I think) to internet celebrity infamy, with a controversial bump or two in the road along the way, as the man has focused his attention solely to the celebrity fighting circuit.

After knocking out Nate Robinson, Jake Paul returned to the ring recently to take another W, in his fight against Ben Askren, which ended in surprisingly fast manner. During all this time, there has been plenty of discussion, as well as suggestions, as to who Paul should fight next. Even Logan Paul, Jake Paul's brother, has been thrown around as a suggestion. His brother is also due to fight Floyd Mayweather in June, and that's yet another name that seems not entirely out of the question for the latter Paul to fight as well-- despite (or perhaps in spite) the "gotcha hat" incident.

Nonetheless, Jake Paul's next match has yet to be set, and thus, the general public, as well as fellow celebs, have been sending suggestions his way. Among the recent contenders, The Game put his own hat in the ring when he suggested that they square off in a street fight. At first, Jake responded with a confirmation that he would indeed knock The Game out if required, however, in his IG stories today, he's shelved this potential fight, at least for now. When asked by fans whether he'd fight The Game, the boxer replied, "No I don't assault grandpas like McGregor."

Another proposed fight though, with 6ix9ine, found Jake Paul deliver a more elaborate answer as to why it might not happen, despite his clear desire to do so. 

In response to the question "Do you fight 6ix9ine" (spelling errors have been removed, however poor language remains), Jake Paul replied:

"I want to because he deserves to get his ass beat and I want to do it for all the people he's disrespected but honestly would be too easy and a 30 second fight and he wouldn't show up in the ring on the day of the fight but yes I would love to knock him out."

What do you think? Who should Jake Paul fight next? Take a look at our top five suggestions here. 

Take a look at the screenshots via his Instagram stories below.

jake paul 6ix9ine fight

Screenshot via Jake Paul Instagram

jake paul the game fight

Screenshot via Jake Paul Instagram