Jake Paul wants all the smoke with The Game. After the rapper called him out and challenged him to a throwdown in Los Angeles, the YouTuber-turned-fighter threw gas on the fire by claiming he would have an easy time handling the 41-year-old West Coast icon.

"Yerrr, @jakepaul, @LoganPaul.... meet me & my little brother downtown LA in front of staples center and let’s just fight head up fades.... no gloves, no money needed.... just on some me & my brother will f*ck you & your brother up shit," wrote The Game on Twitter this weekend. Game is among many to have recently called out Jake Paul, including Lamar Odom, who said he wants to avenge Nate Robinson, who was knocked out by the rising boxing star. 

Al Bello/Getty Images

The tweet managed to catch Jake's attention, who responded with some trash-talking of his own, claiming that he and Logan would have an easy time taking down the rapper and his brother. "Hate it or love it you would get knocked the f*cked out," wrote back Jake, taunting the rapper with his famous lyrics.

Thus far, The Game has not replied to Jake Paul's latest message.

Aside from this, it was a pretty busy weekend for the Paul brothers. They both reportedly hired 24/7 security after Floyd Mayweather's death threats during a press conference. There was also a lot of talk surrounding their possible involvement with the UFC after it was reported that Dana White might have been trying to recruit them

Who do you think would come out on top? The Game or Jake Paul?