A few days ago Jada Pinkett Smith shared a video to her Instagram feed that asked her followers to help her understand why R. Kelly's streaming numbers had boosted since Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly premiere. As we know, the six-part documentary gave victims of R. Kelly's abuse a platform to speak about the horrible things he would do. The allegations towards R. Kelly are nothing new, but the series is the first time that most of the women have rounded up to share their story together.

Considering all the horrible retellings, Jada simply could not understand how people then went to listen to his music. “I’m having a really difficult time understanding why. But I think it’s important to understand why," Jada said. 

She initially planned on having a live Facebook session to discuss the puzzling topic further, but now Jada has announced that she will save the discussion for a Red Table Talk episode. 

"We are not doing a Facebook Live today. Instead ... we decided that the continued conversations regarding survivors and abuse illuminated in the docuseries, Surviving R Kelly, needed a special Red Table discussion that will air THIS Friday," she captioned the video. 

Tomorrow Jada will reveal who the two special guests are tomorrow - watch the full clip below.