Four parents have come forward to Action News Jax after they heard no response from Dinsmore Elementary School after their children's teacher played "slave games" and used racist language in class.

Apparently, a white teacher used a number of racial slurs to Black students and proceeded to tell them they are not bad words.

“She said the n-word. She also stated that she always wanted to have a black baby but she didn’t feel comfortable bringing one home because of how her parents would feel about the situation,” parent Maurisha McCants told the publication. Another parent, who wants to hide her identity said “they played a "slave game" in class," adding how "they were trying to tell me it had something to do with a bucket and a rock.”

The parents assume the teacher is retaliating against them for telling the school board in the first place, since it's been two months and nothing has changed.

“It’s like they’re pushing it under the rug,” Maurisha said. “She’s bringing her personal preferences in the classroom. If you’re a teacher, you’re supposed to be teaching and that’s it.”

“Because this is being actively reviewed, we are unable to discuss more at this time,” Duval County Public Schools spokesperson Laureen Ricks said.