After playing football for Penn State University, 11 seasons played in the NFL, and one Pro Bowl, Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Paul Posluszny decided that it was time to retire from the game. 

During his retirement ceremony, fellow Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith did the honors of introducing Posluszny, and the speech he gave was incredibly moving. 

As soon as he began, Smith was fighting back tears, completely absorbed in the bittersweet emotional moment of having to say goodbye to his friend and teammate. After he lists off Posluszny's accomplishments, Smith gets very emotional, saying "I promise you, I never thought I'd meet somebody who didn't grow up in the struggle like I did, and love the game as much as I did. But then I met somebody who understood what hard work and perseverance means." 

He expands on that with a story of how, in one game, Posluszny tore his pectoral muscle and kept playing in the game until he had to be forcibly removed. 

He continues, "I've never met a better man than you. I've never had a better teammate than you. I dont think I've ever been able to say someone loved me that I didn't do something for, than you. I promise you, that I won't let you down."

He finishes off by dedicating the upcoming NFL season to Posluszny, before calling him up to the podium and sharing a hug.

Even if you're not interested in football, the speech is still incredibly moving, and definitely worth watching. You can check out the whole thing down below.