Like two doomed figures in Greek mythology, or perhaps anime opposites with more alike than they care to admit, the eternal waltz between 50 Cent and Jeffery "Ja Rule" Atkins has reached another stage. The pair have been fighting for over twenty years, a feud that began in the streets, evolved to the booth, and subsequently devolved to the Gram. And yet, it goes on as the pettiness strengthens like a fine wine. Most recently, Ja found himself at a potential crossroads, in which Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen presented a more positive course of action.

 Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

"Say three nice things about 50 Cent," dared the host, capitalizing on Ja's perceived willingness to turn over a new leaf. After all, Ja did preface the segment by claiming he was bowing out of "the circus," as engaging with clowns only leads to further clowndom. And yet when given the chance to take the high road, Ja opted to re-enact Kodak Black's infamous "Let Me Drive The Boat" meme, crash and all. 

"He's a bad father," begins Ja. "He got a big square box [head]. And one more thing. What else? He looks like his breath stinks." Cohen seems disappointed in the dark turn, but Ja can only laugh in a display of villainous glee. "We're sworn enemies forever!!!!"