Ja Rule's new ICONN application is ready for consumption. The trouble is, it's eerily similar to the FYRE app which was used as a springboard for the failure that was the Fyre Festival of 2017.  While both apps may differ substantially in appearance, both ICONN and the original FYRE app serve the same function of making booking musical talent a far more convenient. 

Ja Rule plugged his new app on Twitter two days ago. The link provided beneath a simple tagline of "For Bookings!!!" leads you to a website specifically conceived for the application's launch. "Ice Connect, known as Iconn is a celebrity entertainment booking & concierge service created by industry veterans," the site mentions in the bio section. "We are working to solve the decades-old problems that entertainers have had with negotiating terms, executing agreements and getting paid."

Those who followed the Fyre Fest debacle quite closely know that before Fyre Festival grew to become a spectacle of mass proportions, the Fyre team led by Billy McFarland was hard at work developing an application that served the same function as Ice Connect. While most of McFarland's fraudulent activity revolves around the festival, and the not the application its branding is based on, Ice Connect's launch is nonetheless unnerving to those affected by the multimillion-dollar scheme. And yet, those who were daft enough to be duped by the scheme, deserve to sit in their consequences. Buyer beware.