These days, much of our music is consumed by streaming means. Whether you use Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, or another service, streaming likely makes up the majority of your music intake. So when things are removed from their major platforms, it can be a little confusing, or downright annoying, to figure out how to listen to your favorite songs. It happens sometimes... An artist may change their minds about a track or there may have been an issue at the distribution level. Sometimes, these things are completely unavoidable. J. Cole is currently trying to figure out what exactly is going on with his debut album after it was removed from all streaming services without explanation.

In this exact instance, the issue is unclear but fans that were looking to stream Cole World: The Sideline Story came up empty today when searching for the North Carolina rapper's debut album. Many are still hooked on K.O.D. but some have reverted back to Cole's older material to get reacquainted. Unfortunately, the album is currently nowhere to be found on any of the major streaming services but the President of Dreamville, Ib Hamad, is seemingly working on it.

Ib tweeted, "To everyone tweeting me about sideline story, I’m aware of what happen and we will get it back up soon." Whatever the issue was has not been disclosed but it was serious enough for each publisher to pull the album from streaming. While they're working to get the album added back onto streaming, can we also get Friday Night Lights on there too?