J. Cole has reason to be feeling himself of late. Coming of our own album of the year, a slew of phenomenal features, and quarterbacking the biggest recording experience in recent memory, the Dreamville capo is setting his sights on the future. With recently released single “Middle Child” still climbing the charts, Cole has once again taken to Twitter to stoke the fires of hype.

Consider his promise that “this year will be different,” with a tone suggestive of an increased presence. It seems entirely possible that the man is about to make good on his promise, as a new message suggests a new drop is incoming. “They ready for it,” writes Cole, in response to a tweet about his previously previewed "Want You To Fly." While the 4 Your Eyez Only documentary track has gained quite a following, it never ended up landing an official release. Yet.

Fans have come to appreciate the unreleased snippet, with an unofficial video racking up over one million views, and many have since clamoured for an official release. Now, it would appear the day is finally upon is. Is Cole indeed sitting on an newly recorded version of the beloved track? Time will tell, but all signs are pointing to something promising.

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