We live in a day and age where it seems as if everyone records absolutely any and everything, but somehow J. Cole's game-winning shot will just have to be a memory without proof. The "Middle Child" rapper was in North Carolina playing a rec league game and by the sound of it, he was schooling folks in the paint left and right and even put up 45 points.

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J. Cole was dunking and dropping 45 🤣

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According to reports—once again because don't have proof—Cole was able to lock down the win by hooping a three-pointer in the final seconds of the game. However, for the first time in smart phone history, no one was around to record a platinum-selling, international superstar rapper make that final impressive shot.

Ibrahim Hamad, Cole's manager, shared a hilarious text exchange where Cole admits he was heated that no one got his moment on tape. "Hit a game tying 3 to send into OT. Cold blooded ice in my veins shit. Then hit the game winnin three went full court with like 2.6 seconds on the clock. NOBODY HAD THEy PHOnES OUT. I was hot!!!" Cole wrote. "Like damn let a n***a walk in the mall or in the club y'all wanna have your phones out. But let me hit a game winner."

Hamad captioned the screenshot of the exchange by writing, "this chat convo after @desmith4 went on @houseofhighlights about Cole’s 45 point rec league game needed to be shared. This n***a Cole got me dying I’m not one to share chat convos but this s**t too good."