The ongoing Instagram War continues when it comes to Boosie Badazz. Instagram head Adam Mosseri sat down with The Breakfast Club earlier this week, and explained why Boosie's page got banned from the platform. "It's a nudity policy. We try to be clear," he claimed. "You can appeal but if you have too many strikes, something will happen." 

Boosie wasn't feeling that response, and struck back with some choice words of his own. "How the hell my Instagram was took cause of nudity? It was took cause of fucking racism," he stated. However, Boosie later changed his tone a bit. "You done gave everybody they page back, give me another chance," he pleaded. "Give me my official Boosie page back with my 10.5 million followers so I can help feed my family some more. Do y'all think about the hurt that you cause people's families when y'all take they page?"

While on Instagram conversing with fans via the "Ask A Question" widget, Mosseri got hit with the question about Boosie's ban yet again. He elected to answer that question out of a plethora of choices. The question stated, "why won't you give Boosie another chance with his main account?"

"The only content we try to take off of Instagram is when there's safety concerns," explained Mosseri. "You don't lose your account or get it suspended until you have a lot of strikes. And at some point, we have to draw the line."