When Kanye West does anything, the internet stands at attention and takes notice. From sending sporadic tweets that send shockwaves through the Twitterverse to going off on TMZ following his rendezvous at the White House, West is the artist-turned-icon that the internet just can't keep pinned down. Infinitely meme-able with enough one-liners to fill up a Tumblr feed for days, West is refreshingly unafraid to shatter the mystique of what life on the A-list really entails. Juggling his creative duties as a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer all while married to arguably the most famous face of the KarJenner clan, there's no denying that the West keeps himself busy as both a creator and an entrepreneur. Forever surrounded by mystery and controversy, the internet became determined to peek inside the prophet Yeezus' inscrutable public persona to see how he really spent his days when he wasn't "on" in front of the cameras. 

"Every time I say something that is extremely truthful, out loud…it literally breaks the internet," says West of his enigmatic approach to authenticity. So what are we getting all the rest of the time? That desire to unmask West and out him as an "everyman" was the impetus behind the Instagram account @Kanyedoingthings, a collection of images ranging from the Chicago native licking Amber Rose's bald head to waiting for his luggage at an airport. 

For the very best of #Kanyedoingthings, check out the Instagram Gallery below. 

The Cheesecake Factory 

Is this a picture of West walking into The Cheesecake Factory, or is he literally living out the Arthur meme IRL? You decide.


Nap Time 

West loves a good nap, just like the rest of us. 

Check It Out 

Everyone knows that West is an ass man

Bath Time 

Like water into wine, Yeezus turns his bath water into donuts. 

Sweet Treat 

No one attacks a cone like Kayne does.  

Behind The Scenes 

Do you remember this throwback from Kanye's failed puppet comedy show Alligator Boots? Neither do we, because it never made it to air. 

All Silver Everything

Just because Cee-Lo did it first doesn't mean that Yeezy can't break out the silver body paint for his Art Basel opera. 


West refuses to crack a smile even while holding a puppy. 


Party on, Yeezy. 


Everyone knew West had a thing for bald women even before his ex Amber Rose put him on blast.