Over the weekend, some pretty damaging rumors started to circle around NBA star Iman Shumpert and his relationship with Teyana Taylor. Some blogs were saying that the two had had a threesome with porn star Alby Rydes and that Iman had actually gotten her pregnant. We reported that yesterday, Taylor had hopped on Twitter to explain that the rumors were false and that she deleted her Instagram because of a dispute with Def Jam. 

Now, Iman is making a statement of his own, completely denying the allegations and saying that if they continue, he'll be forced to undergo legal action.

“My legal team is about to go all at all blogs involved in curating this fake news and trust me them blogs don’t have my kind of bread. Secondly, Alby is my friend and I’m not going to apologize for putting heart eyes under her picture as seeing my wife go thru a pregnancy and blossom in motherhood I can’t help but to admire and enjoy every part of that process through IG to any woman I scroll past in that energy."

Iman also said that he wants everyone with negative things to say about him and Teyana to take energy somewhere that isn't his Instagram page.

Rydes has also denied the allegations and said the baby belongs to a guy she was dating.