Power 106 welcomed Iggy Azalea on The Cruz Show show to discuss her upcoming projects as well as some lewd content. The rapper, who is famously known for her twerk videos, was asked to dish about other entertainers in terms of "big d*ck energy." The Australian hardly held back as she shared her opinions about artists like Trey Songz and Justin Bieber

One of the most notable reflections was her thoughts about Pete Davidson and his fiance, Ariana Grande. According to Iggy, the comedian is bound to have "big d*ck energy" based on Ariana's face:

 “Well I’ve seen the pictures so he clearly has big d*ck energy. Ariana is d*ckmatized. Not to be rude but that face that she has right now is not the face of small d*ck energy."

Justin Bieber's vibe is described as a fluctuating "church energy" and when it comes to Trey Songz, Iggy says:

"He has hoe energy, not even in a b*tchy way [...] I don't know what's going on with the d*ck but it seems like he slangs it around."

Iggy Azalea also discusses her collaboration with Tyga, her admiration for Missy Elliot, DM sliding and other topics. Get to know the artist in the video below. The "d*ck energy" discussion starts around the 16-minute mark.