Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti have been spotted hanging out recently. Although their encounters seemed genuinely friendly from the get, their PDA is slowly intensifying.

One of the first time the two were spotted together, they were hopping into a car. Before leaving the scene, a smiling Playboi Carti bought some peddled roses for the blonde bombshell through the whip's window. He seemed really eager about it while the female emcee was somewhat coy about the situation. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn1Lfo7gclz

Next up is the mall, the quintessential dating spot for youngins. The new baes were seen cozying up together while riding up the escalator. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bnz0uJzjlSr

They also do group hangs. Iggy and Carti sought after an adrenaline rush at Six Flags, another cute yet typical date.


Since they are both bosses in their own right, the rappers also hop on planes together. Iggy's image is often oversexualized so seeing her being cutesy while doing puppy love-type things is somewhat shocking yet refreshing. This new connection is bound to be received with mixed feelings from both of their fanbases. If good music comes out of the new relationship, there better not be any complaining. Are y'all feeling this link up? Sound off in the comments.