Earlier this week, Ice Cube and co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz's Big 3 League was hit with a $250 Million lawsuit for allegedly stealing ideas from The Champions Basketball League. It was initially reported that Cube's league was facing the lawsuit after he and Kwatinetz met with members of the Champions League, and subsequently went on to steal their ideas. Champions League founded Carl George also accused Ice Cube of preventing certain B3L players from participating in CBL games, with his lawyers claiming "when certain players expressed their desire to participate in the CBL games, Mr. Cube confronted the players personally about playing in the CBL and threatened the players that they would be fined, not allowed to participate in the 52 percent of revenues bonus pool, or replaced on their teams."

After taking a second to enjoy the use of "Mr. Cube" in a legal document, remember that Ice Cube came up with N.W.A. He's not about to be pushed around, and to nobody's surprise, the Big Three League is striking back with a counter-suit. According to TMZ, Cube's league is suing the CBL for defamation. The website obtained docs from lawyer Mark Geragos, which accuse Champions League of blatantly lying on their official website. Also, while CL claims they had worked out a deal which would allow players to partake in both leagues, Big 3 claims such a deal never existed in the first place. Cube's league also states that any player with a previous Champions League deal was allowed to honor their commitments. 

To add insult to injury, the Big 3 team also says the head of the Championship League "a serial con-artist, fraudster and ponzi-schemer." Damn. This is shaping up to be the biggest inter-basketball-league beef in potentially forever.

The moral of the story is, do not mess with Ice Cube