Ice Cube appeared on ‘The Talk’ Friday and snuck in some details about a possible NWA reunion. Ice Cube should probably be playing coy with this information, but from the look on his face O’Shea Jackson was doing everything he could to not spill all the details outright.

Ice Cube is set to appear solo on Saturday night of both Coachella weekends, and when one of the hosts asked Cube what he’s planning on doing for the massive festival, Ice Cube immediately broke into a grin and said “I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve, I can’t reveal it all.” He goes on to say that he’s “trying to bring the members of N.W.A. together… give everybody a little history lesson.”

The rapper even hints there may be a Westside Connection reunion in the works as well. Hopefully this reunion will feature all the living members of N.W.A., as the previous reunion at the BET Experience 2015 concert was without Aftermath Records exec Dr. Dre. Given Coachella’s history, maybe a hologram Eazy-E will grace the stage.

It’s a bit surprising he dropped the news here, as ‘The View’ probably doesn’t represent his strongest listener demographic. However, since “Straight Outta Compton” has garnered awards and the rap group is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the time might be right for the gangsta rap OGs to start expanding their audience.