Though he isn't quite as active on the rap tip these days, it's always welcome to see some new music from the legendary Ice Cube. Most recently having delivered his tenth studio album Everythang's Corrupt in December of 2018, Cube has been actively keeping his finger on the cultural pulse. So much so that he recently moved to implement a Contract With Black Americaan initiative that ultimately sparked controversy after he staged discussions with then-President Donald Trump's team.

Ice Cube

Yet even when faced with the wrath of a Twitter mob scorned, Cube remained focused on the task at hand -- a quality that has likely played a major role in keeping him grounded during his extensive and storied rap career. With much having transpired since he last took to the booth, it actually feels like an appropriate time for some new Cube music, even if he doesn't address any of the political events that have been impacting America during these past few months. 

On that note, the song in question is titled "Trying To Maintain," and it will be arriving in full at midnight tonight. Based entirely on the artwork alone, we may very well be getting some classic Ice Cube west coast vibes, a direction that would likely be welcomed by his longtime fans. Look for this one to land in a matter of hours, and be sure to show some love to the one and only Ice Cube -- are you excited to hear him step back into the booth?