The night started off as any other night would with a full out dance party on the second floor of Webster Hall. There, fans got their fill at one of their three bars and danced to the tunes of Nicki Minaj and her Young Money cohorts. Eager to see their favorite MC, fans were dressed up as Nicki Minaj from their eyelashes to their shoes. It was definitely going to be a crazy night.

At 12:30 AM, the excited and warmed up fans then transitioned to Webster Hall's’ main party floor at the top level. After about ten minutes, the entire floor was full of bustling fans, pushing their way to the front as plenty of onlookers were having a great time up top in the VIP section. As part of the Extravaganza, we were treated to the sounds and spins of Hot 97’s own DJ Spynfo and the legendary Funk Master Flex. Also in attendance were Irv Gotti, MMG’s Meek Mill, DJ Camilo and Mr. C.

It was truly a star studded night, but the biggest star of the evening had yet to show up. After about two hours, fans began wondering and worrying where Ms. Minaj could possibly be. However, the fans kept their cool and patiently waited until Nicki finally appeared. It was just then, as Funk Master Flex hit the stage at 2:30 AM, that she peeked her head over her VIP balcony and waved and screamed to her fans down below. Decked out in a chest open, body tight spandex jumpsuit, Minaj looked the part of a Diva, just coming off the release of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up and a world tour overseas. She also had on some bright red sunglasses and matching leather studded shoulder pads.

At around 3:30 AM, fans started getting restless, waiting for Nicki to hit the stage. Queen Barb finally grabbed a microphone to address her adoring admirers and asked what was up.

“Did you guys think I was performing?” Minaj responded to the howling fans.

Immediately fans started booing to a shocked Minaj who shot a stunned look back.

“Who told you guys I was performing?” she said as she looked towards the stage area.

“They just want you to come downstairs mama,” Mr. C smoothly said back.

Minaj took this in and agreed, “Alright, I’m coming down, but no performance.”

At this point the fans didn’t care and just wanted to see Nicki up close and personal. The whole party floor erupted and couldn’t wait to get a glimpse at their favorite star. Nicki then ducked behind the VIP balcony and made her way to the stage in her enormous heel shoes. Her new song “Freedom”, off The Re-Up, began to play and Minaj finally appeared in the spotlight. As every flash in the building lit her up, fans were treated to bright spectacle as Nicki waved and smiled to them. She then made her way to the edge of the stage to give the lucky fans in the first a row a high five. She also bent down to speak to some fans personally as they snapped photos away on their cell phones.

She then addressed her hyped up fans and asked if there were any ratchet bitches in the building. Right away a hundred girls began screaming and Nicki responded back, “Well, I need ten bad bitches right now to come on stage. We are going to have a contest”. Girls began flooding the front area as guards began pulling them out from the pit of people. 

As Nicki smiled and egged them on to dance, the contestants began going crazy as other fans started throwing money at them on stage. It became a bit hectic and quite competitive as Nicki cooled everybody's tempers. After about ten minutes, Minaj grabbed around two thousand dollars in one hundred dollar bills and handed them out to the high spirited twerkers. She then tossed the rest in the air and wished everyone a happy christmas and said good night.

After an exhausting evening, Ms. Minaj is now her on way back overseas to perform in Dubai at the Meydan on December 28th. Overall, I think it is safe to say that everyone had a happy Christmas and this will be one they will definitely remember for some time.