Prior to the release of Knock Madness, Hopsin did not appear to be in the best state. The rapper went on a dark Twitter rant, expressing his frustrations with the music industry, and even suggested committing suicide. 

Hopsin explained his dark outlook with ThisIs50's Jack Thriller in a recent interview. The West Coast native was surprised at the reaction his tweets received, scratching it up to plain old shit talking.

“I just be saying shit,” Hopsin said in the interview. “What happened that day? I was just really sleepy or some shit and I woke up early, I just had to do some work, I was just like, ‘Ah this is one of those days.’ I didn’t actually literally mean it. I was just tired.”

Hop went on to explain how he discovered his tweets had become blog news. “I was just chilling, and a few hours later my assistant called me and she was like ‘Yo, XXL and HipHopDX, they posted your Tweets that you’re gonna commit suicide.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ I was just posting it. I do dumb shit daily and I was like, ‘What the hell? They posted that shit?’ Everybody on the Internet was like, ‘Oh my god,’ I was like, ‘Oh damn. It’s that simple to get everybody going?’ I was like, ‘Hell yeah. I got the fucking world in my hand now.’”

Hopsin also confirmed his desire to go to Austraiia and leave the rap game behind after he's done his "Knock Madness Tour".

Watch the full interview below.