The roll-out for Drake's "Trophies" was definitely a long, frustrating one for the fans, and equally so for the producer behind the record, Hit-Boy. The producer in demand sat down with STASHED recently and spoke on the record as well as other cuts he's worked on this past year, including the Nipsey Hussle-featured and Chronic-referencing "Alert."

"Frustration is an understatement," the producer said when referring to "Trophies" and the process Drizzy took to put it out."But it’s love. I got respect for Drake. He knows what’s best for him. He’s been dictating his career since Day One. So I’m not going to come in and be like, 'You gotta use this song.' He had "Worst Behavior" and some other joints that was smacking and now it’s time for "Trophies" to tear these niggas apart. I'm just happy it's out. The new flows on that shit. The new timing with the horn. We changin' it up. It ain't the same." 

"It's out, I'm just happy it's out," Hit-Boy added later. He continued to discuss the studio sessions with the Toronto native, calling them "Amazing." "We went up to Toronto and just kicked it. It was a fam vibe. [Drake] made sure we were straight, to say the least...It was a dope time."

Hit-Boy also discussed his personal growth as an MC, as well as his own self-produced record "Alert." He revealed that he initially made the beat for Dr. Dre, however Dre wasn't with it, although he did approve of Hit-Boy's Chronic shout out.

"I made that song trying to give it to Dr. Dre," Hit-Boy revealed. "He came in. He really liked it, but I guess it wasn't fitting where he was at right now. I felt like it was an urgent song...[Nipsey Hussle and I] made the song and a week later it was on the radio." 

Check out more in the almost-20 minute interview below.

[via HHDX]