Deadline day is fast approaching for a Deadwood reunion that is several years overdue by my count. By the looks of it, all the essential elements from iconic Western remain in place in its conversion to the silver screen. The cast members may have aged a ton since the television series came to a stop in 2006, and understandably so.

But what's a frontiersman without a series of lesions on his face, and a few distinguishable grey hairs? In the year 1876 and beyond, "sitting pretty" won't manifest into social currency unless you run a talent show. Just ask a greying George Hearst, whose ascension to power transpired in the middling years when Deadwood was off the air.

As depicted in HBO's official trailer for the Deadwood film, the story picks up with the nefarious George Hearst in control of the camp's "municipal chair." If you'll recall, the 3rd season ends on a bit of cliff hanger, with the camp's ad hoc residents in the midst of a "municipal vote." It's now up to Al Swearengen and his ragtag outfit to reclaim their positions of power. Bear in mind, in Deadwood, a restoration of power wouldn't necessarily signal a return to order. The frontier is colloquially referred to as "The Wild West" for a reason. Deadwood: The Movie drops on May 31st.