The case against Harvey Weinstein is falling apart. As reported by TMZWeinstein's lawyer Ben Brafman filed a new motion on Monday requesting that a judge clear all charges against the producer. The case has been leaning in Weinstein's favor, with evidence coming into question after prosecutors admitted the lead detective on the case recommended that one of the alleged victims delete information from her phone.

Reports claim that NYPD Det. Nicholas DiGaudio had a conversation with the alleged victim pertaining to the contents of her phone before she turned it over to the D.A.'s Office. The woman, who has been identified as Mimi Haleyi, was concerned about the prosecution seeing something on her phone. The sexual assault charge in this case against Weinstein was dropped in light of the new evidence. He still has five other criminal charges against him from two women.

Weinstein's lawyers argued that Haleyi stayed in contact with Harvey for months after the alleged assault. Haleyi was one of the most vocal of Weinstein's victims, revealing that the producer forcibly performed oral sex on her after pulling out her tampon while she was on her period. Brafman is arguing that Haleyi's credibility has been blown, and that the detective on the case should be hit with witness tampering. He believes that the entire case is now tainted, and all charges should be thrown out.