There's no denying that Jennifer Lopez is a legend in the game. Case in point, Jenny from the Block has put in work alongside several of New York's OGs, including Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Styles P, and her own personal GOAT contender, Nas. Not to mention, J-Lo likely won the hearts of many young hip-hop fans alive during the peak of her music career, a prime "celebrity crush" for millennials across the globe.

Scott Gries/ImageDirect/Getty Images

Since the days of "Waiting For Tonight" and "I'm Real," J-Lo has continuously established herself as a role model, moving with integrity and grace for decades now. A multimedia presence, formidable dancer, and still one of the baddest in the game, Jennifer Lopez has earned her position as a respected figure in the music industry. Today marks her fiftieth birthday, a milestone that may come as a shock given that her swim in the fountain of youth has yet to wear off.

Naturally, Lopez has been receiving nothing but good cheer, including a heartfelt message from a smitten A-Rod. Taking to Instagram, the baseball legend took a moment to celebrate the quiet moments in life. "Thank you for inviting all of us to share this special day with you," he writes, alongside a family photo. If that doesn't make you smile, consider defrosting your jaded heart, and/or finding love. It's out there. 

Happy birthday to Jennifer Lopez, an icon in music, entertainment, and fashion. Plus, anyone who co-signs Nas as the GOAT is a hip-hop head worthy of praise. Who has love for Jenny from the Block?