Some people are shook because of Halsey's latest post on Instagram. It may be an illusion, but it seems like the singer has become more consistent with setting thirst traps now that her relationship with G-Eazy is part of a played-out script.  

The entertainer most recently shared a picture of her, splayed out on a bed looking blasé and content. Whoever took this photo made sure they got the booty shot right. She either enlisted a down *ss girlfriend, a new boo, or some kind of assistant. This frame is not the work of a tripod. Halsey shared the work of art with a short caption: "good night, blood sucker. ♥️"

Halsey has split with her long-time beau, G-Eazy, last month. It seemed like the break might be hard for them both since they had been inseparable from the very first day of their romantic relationship. They had been together for over a year before the split. Still, the love remains at the center of the former couple. They still share some funny online interactions and seem to have each other's backs.

The coyly seductive vibe Halsey is riding right now is beautiful. If her newfound singledom is the source, then we're totally cool with the split.