Over the weekend we saw 50 Cent address Meek Mill on stage in New York, and the following night, at 50's second show, the newest addition to the G-Unit family, Kidd Kidd, shared a few bars for Meek, but also targeted another MMG member

"Tell Gunplay he gon' need gunplay if he wanna get his chain," Kidd rapped to the audience, referring to an incident at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards in which Gunplay and G-Unit got into it in the parking lot, and the Florida rapper's MMG necklace was taken from him.

Don Logan has now responded to the diss via Instagram, arguing that he doesn't do that "rap back and forth bullshit," but does insist he will "slap the cat piss" out of Kidd Kidd, adding, "just like I did your daddy".

Watch the clip below.