Gunplay Had No Clue Who Kendrick Lamar Was When He Called For A Feature

Alex Zidel
September 26, 2018 17:15

Gunplay thought Kendrick Lamar was an R&B singer.

Gunplay is quite the storyteller. Not just in his music but in person as well. The man has tales for days and he will keep you interested with all of the crazy things he's encountered in his lifetime. The Carol City rhymer recently stopped by our offices for his own episode of "How to Roll." He also hit the mic for a dope freestyle session early this month. Perhaps the most entertaining instalment of his sit-down with us comes today as he details how exactly he's gotten to this point of his career.

When you think of Florida rap, Gunplay automatically comes to mind. He's been hustling for years, both in the studio and on the street, and he's telling us all about how he came up. One of his most memorable musical appearances has to be an early cut from Kendrick Lamar's career on "Cartoon and Cereal," where he featured on the 2012 joint. However, when he got the call from Pulitzer Kenny (who at that point was simply Kenny,) he had absolutely no clue who the man was. "Thought dog was an R&B artist," says Gunplay about the TDE superstar. Of course, Kendrick wasn't as well known as he is today but he had already dropped Section.80 at that point and was being crowned as the "king of Los Angeles."

The Florida artist said that he genuinely was not paying attention to anything in the industry. At that point in his career, he was going back and forth between Atlanta and New York because of his legal troubles but he wanted to give his all to the Kendrick verse because he thought he would never have a chance to get back on the mic again. 

The story is seriously compelling and we could listen to Gunplay speak for hours. Check out his tell-all above.

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