Though an artist should never be measured by the number of plaques lining their wall, it does provide an interesting gauge on which rappers are actively dominating the mainstream. And today, Gunna has officially added a nice haul to his collection, bringing in five gold and platinum plaques to his already sizable number. Naturally, many arrive courtesy of his recent album Wunna, which stands tall as one of the year's best albums -- unsurprising that the people continue to drive those digits up. 

Wunna Gunna

 Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

In a strikingly strange narrative, 2020 found an alarming level of interest in the Birkin bag. Gunna was not impervious to the allure of the prestigious sack, and his 2019 Drip Or Drown 2 anthem "Baby Birkin" continued to gain momentum throughout the year, upgrading from gold to shiny new platinum. Another Drip Or Drown 2 cut withstood the test of time, with "Who You Foolin" earning Gunna another gold plaque for his wall decor.

On the Wunna note, "Skybox" and the Young Thug-assisted "Dollaz On My Head" have now officially been certified by the RIAA, proving that an earlier report of "Dollaz" going platinum was not entirely accurate. The album itself also moved five-hundred thousand album-equivalent units, and don't be surprised to see it hit platinum by next year. Impressive, considering Gunna's habit of releasing new music before the older releases have a chance to truly resonate. Perhaps this is simply the new way, and older fans used to cradling cd covers and getting paper-cuts on the liner notes have no choice but to accept it.

Either way, we're happy to see Gunna continue to move units, and may he have an even more successful 2021 campaign when the new year rolls around!