If anyone OG can take credit for properly scouting a solid roster of talent to take over in a new generation, it's Gucci Mane.

The rapper has long been a champion for finding new talent and putting them in position via his 1017 platform and he can rightfully claim that he doesn't miss often. Now with a current roster that boasts Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano, and Big Scarr among others, Gucci has made a move to add high-schooler Bic Fizzle to the mix, officially initiating the Arkansas-based 18-year-old with his Johnny Dang-created 1017 chain.

“I just sign the hardest young nigga in Arkansas,” Gucci penned. “He only 18 in 12th grade and play quarterback at his high school welcome @bicfizzle and follow him he next up #New1017.”


Bic Fizzle is only the latest in a string of new signees for the imprint. Just last month, Gucci headed to Texas to sign Waco's HotBoy Wes after inking a deal with Mississippi rapper BigWalkDog in May. Quite obviously, the New 1017's common theme is young voices bred in the Bible Belt, bringing new emphasis to southern hip-hop's emerging class.

The strategy is clear, too, as Gucci plucks rappers he deems to be the hottest in their respective states, plotting a concerted takeover. Naturally, time will tell what's to come of the New 1017.