The idea of Lil Pump and Smokepurpp forming up as a duo seemed like a natural conclusion. After all, the pair of youngsters came up together, and seemingly retained a friendship amidst the whirlwind rise of their respective careers. Yet somehow, they managed to convince Gucci Mane to join the party in a mentorship capacity, a babysitter of sorts, given the juvenile nature of Purpp and Pump's character. Still, you can't deny the popularity, and given the proper production and marketing, "Gucci Gang" may very well find success as a hip-hop "supergroup."

Though many believed that "Gucci Gang" was merely a typo of "Gucci Mane," it was revealed that there were grander forces at play. As it happens, TMZ claims the potential may very well be limitless. Apparently, the trio will be expanding their live repertoire beyond Coachella, and subsequently linking with some of the game's big producers to amass a catalog of original material. The publication also reveals that Pump, Scott Storch, and BlueFace have been working on something Gucci Gang related, which speaks to the imminent nature of the release. 

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