Now that July has officially been taken over by the 1017 July Take Over, we’ve been left with a total of six mixtapes, one collaborative album and one studio album that Gucci Mane has released this year so far. (Trap God 3 is scheduled for September 13th). For comparison’s sake, Kanye West and Drake have each released 0 albums so far this year.

So with eight releases this year averaging around forty minutes a piece, Gucci Mane has left fans with a lot of material to absorb. Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper makes it hard for even the most fervent fan to catch up. Which is the reason for the Gucci Mane Digest: an in-depth guide to Gucci’s releases this year thus far so that you don’t miss the diamonds in the rough of his discography. (As well as the songs curated by him on the World War 3D mixtapes). This arrives just as Gucci announces yet another new project on the way, Gucci Vs. GuWop.

So with that in mind here is a breakdown of the eight releases, beginning with Young Thugga Mane LaFlare. Click through the galleries for a more detailed breakdown on each project and the highlights off it, or simply check the infographic below for the tracks you need right now.