When news initially broke that rap group Three 6 Mafia was re-forming, fans were definitely excited. However, once it was revealed that the group would not have the same moniker let alone the same line-up, fans were slightly less excited. Nonetheless, Da Mafia 6ix successfully released their mixtape 6ix Commandments.

Good news for all those Three 6 fans missing Juicy J from the crew-- according to Gangsta Boo, they're working again under the name Three 6 Mafia, with Juicy J. While talking to Billboard, Boo revealed, "We're also working on a Three 6 Mafia album while on the road. Everyone's going to be involved. Juicy J is on tour now too, so we just got to [find time] to get in the studio."

In addition to working on a new Three 6 Mafia LP while she's on the road, Gangsta Boo has a joint effort on the way with fellow Memphis native La Chat called Witch.

As she describes it, "Witch is dark and mystic. It'll make people think its crazy. Everyone knows I'm a hardcore rapper and crazy. I do it as if I'm an actress in a scary movie. Some people like comedy or drama. I like horror. I portray that in my music."

She added, "It started out as a mixtape, but it'll now be on iTunes and in stores."

Are you excited for new music from the Three 6 Mafia crew?