Suge Knight recently appeared on Arsenio Hall and had some harsh words for the major music labels, even going as far as to compare label deals to a slavery, and specifically calling out Kendrick Lamar and Game as having "two of the worst deals in the industry."

He stated, "I think it’s unfair if you really look at it, if you look at Interscope, the two guys from Compton—Game, Kendrick Lamar—got two of the worst deals in the industry."

While we undoubtedly will not hear a response on this from K. Dot, Game was stopped by TMZ and gave his (quick) two cents on the matter. Basically, he doesn't care, because he's rich regardless.

"You never know what Suge know. He might be right...I dunno what's true. What's true is I'm rich as a motherfucker, that's it," Game told the cameras outside the club. He ended by quoting some A$AP Ferg"Pantie Lover" lyrics.

Watch the interaction below.