Earlier this week, Halsey took to her Instagram Story to reveal that she and G-Eazy are "taking some time apart." Halsey's hinted that the cause of their break up may have been due to G-Eazy's infidelity. Neither party has spoken too openly about the subject but today, G-Eazy broke his silence and revealed that the two of them were working on new music just days before they broke up.

Billboard sat down with G-Eazy on June 29th, days before Halsey confirmed their split on July 3rd. G-Eazy revealed that he and Halsey were locking in studio time just before they broke up.

"We were just in the studio the other night and we made a couple records." He said before he praised her talents. "I talk about how much I love collaborating but like when you get to collaborate with the person you're in love with and you get to share that experience of making a song, performing a song and the person you're sharing it with is that, it's really dope."

G-Eazy also made his first public appearance since the break-up earlier today in Central Park in New York City. The rapper performed as part of "Good Morning America's" 2018 Summer Concert Series. Interestingly enough, the rapper performed "Him & I" without Halsey. He also performed "No Limit" and "Sober" among other songs.