Fyre Festival was one of the most disastrous music debacles in recent memory, as thousands of paying individuals were essentially scammed out of an upscale experience. Instead, what patrons were given was a shoddily-organized event lacking proper security, food, accommodations, and artist relations. The two men at the centre of the catastrophe were rapper Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, who have since been embroiled in a legal battle over this failed occurrence. 

However, new documents obtained by the New York Post reveal that while McFarland may not have put in proper money for toilets and other amenities, he willing to shell out big bucks on other business ventures. The disgraced organizer reportedly paid for scheduled headliners Blink-182 to stay on a $160,000 yacht during their stint at the Fyre Festival.

With all this shoddy money allocation, concert-goers should be rightfully irate that they were supplied with partially-constructed tents and cellophane wrapped cold cheese sandwiches after being promised a luxurious experience. 

A source reveals how "there was gross mismanagement and a general misunderstanding of how events like this unfold and that purchases weren’t being vetted," they also referred to McFarland as a “millennial gone wild.”

Blink-182 ended up cancelling their appearance at the festival, claiming "we’re not confident that we would have what we need to give you the quality of performances we always give our fans."