It was revealed that, after months of back-and-forth, Future actually is the father of Eliza Reign's 1-year-old daughter. The results were confirmed after a DNA test came back with a 99.9999% match. 

Because of the test results, Future will need to own up and provide for his baby, sending monthly child support payments to ensure that the kid and her mother are able to maintain their lifestyle. It has been reported that Future and his team of lawyers offered a package that included $1,000 per month in child support and health insurance for baby Reign. In exchange, Eliza would need to sign a gag order, which would stop her from discussing the case openly. That's not flying with her.

Future Eliza Reign
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"I have discussed your proposed order with my client, and we are NOT in agreement," wrote Eliza Reign's lawyer Brandon Rotbart in an email to Future's team. "Should you have a reasonable child support amount to offer, I am happy to discuss it with my client."

According to Forbes, Future made over $20 million last year. Reign's lawyer estimates that his client is due at least $53,000 per month if those numbers are accurate. With that in mind, $1,000 is a serious lowball offer.

Do you think they'll be able to settle this in court?