Well here’s an interesting clip that will probably get blown out of proportion per usual. On Wednesday, music executive Steve Stoute shared a couple clips on Instagram of him and the likes of Lebron James, James Harden, Hot 97’s Ebro & Future all chopping it up in the barber shop. But there’s one particular clip that’s been getting a shit ton of attention today and that’s of Future talking about Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt album, which he claimed wasn’t hot until Biggie & Pac died.

“It wasn’t hot until they died,” Future says about the album. “Nobody really was jamming it. It’s flames. Like it’s hard, it’s a classic, but I’m saying at that time.”

Future claimed that Hov “wasn’t great” when Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. were alive. The Atlanta rapper cited Biggie, Tupac and Ice Cube as the top rappers of that era, while praising Nas & Illmatic in the process. “It’s like your classic album, they always go back for your classic album,” Future said. “When Nas dropped his first album, it was great then. Like when ‘I Ruled the World’ came out, it was the best then. You had to go back and listen to Reasonable Doubt. That’s his best shit ever.”

Check out the clip of Future talking about Hov’s album (below). What your thoughts on Future’s comments?