Future was flexing all kinds of balletic chops in his latest appearance on Ellen Degeneres' weekday talk show. For the occasion, Future asked for the stage apparatus to be lit like an extraterrestrial intervention. Two professional ballerinas danced to the tune of Future's acapella performance of "Crushed Up," one on a step ladder, the other on the stage right next to him - Future's foray into highbrow culture never more pronounced than on the January 24th telecast of Ellen. But don't fret, it was captured in all its elegance in a YouTube upload for the workfolk who neglect to PVR the NBC daytime lineup.

Ellen fans in attendance for the taping were supplied with their own physical copy of The WIZRD. While the typical Ellen disciple may not be in agreement with the manner in which Future has spoken about Ciara or Russell Wilson in recent weeks, the Zone 6 regular left all his bitterness unchecked for the occasion.

Hence, Future stands a good chance of gaining some new fans out of Ellen's enormous fanbase. The decision to employ ballerinas alongside the house band proved advantageous in winning the crowd over, in a week that's been anything but smooth for Future in view of his very-public exchanges, which included him calling out Jay-Z for referencing his name out-of-turn.