Though the track is an incredible banger, the #MaskOffChallenge caught everybody unawares. The viral phenomenon helped propel "Mask Off" to the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100. To celebrate, Future hopped on the challenge bandwagon.

The Atlanta rapper posted a video of himself dancing to the track on Instagram and captioned it, "#maskoffchallenge who want smoke??😎," to make it official. The #MaskOffChallenge involves people either trying to recreate the flutes sampled by Metro Boomin or dancing to its beat. Some have even dropped a freestyle with it with various results.

Unlike many artists who start challenges in the hopes of creating viral trends, Hendrix never had that much input into this one. Nevertheless, the mysterious emcee has too-cool-for-school approach to social media, often distancing himself from it or manipulating it to promote his music. Check out Future's post below.