Everybody's been waiting for Max B to come back home. From Jay-Z to Wiz Khalifa, rapper's have been hoping the rapper will be free after he was convicted on charged of murder conspiracy and robbery which got him a sentence of 75 years. Since then, he's made several attempts to appeal the conviction but hasn't been that successful. However, according to French Montana, we might be seeing Max B free before the end of the year.

French Montana, who's a good friend of Max B, took to Instagram to share a photo of Max B and revealed that he'll be coming back home this year. "Wavyyyy in the joint!!! Can’t wait till u get home this year," he wrote. The rapper didn't share any information on when he'll be released from jail but if anyone has insight to Max B's current status in prison, it's probably French Montana. In an interview with BET, he revealed that he was with Max B when he was served a 75 year sentence.

In 2016, French Montana gave an update on his release in a statement and said the rapper took a plea bargain on charges of aggravated manslaughter which would decrease his sentence significantly. He said the rapper would be released within 2 to 6 years so hopefully, French's claims prove to be true.

Despite his sentence, Max B's still maintained his relevance in the music industry with appearances on Kanye West's The Life Of Pablo album as well as French Montana's Jungle Rules on "A Lie" which also featured the weekend. Jay-Z also gave him a shout out on Rick Ross' "3 Kings" alongside Dr. Dre.