Freddie Gibbs has been making a few headlines in the past 24 hours for his hot take on Jay-Z's deal with the NFL. He showed his support for almighty HOV but unfortunately, he brought Colin Kaepernick down in the same breath -- at least that's how it was perceived. In the midst of stirring up the pot on the Internet, someone asked him what his favorite albums of the year so far were. As expected, Bandana, his most recent collaborative album with Madlib, stands at the top but there are still a handful of projects that he's been enjoying so far.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

Gibbs has five projects, outside of Bandana, that he's been listening to heavily. And his take on the top five projects is the year are far less controversial than his take on Jay-Z/Colin Kaepernick. Among them are Tyler, The Creator's IGOR, YBN Cordae's debut Lost Boy, Cousin Stizz' Trying To Find My Next Thrill, which Gibbs is featured on, Rick RossPort Of Miami 2 as well as Dreamville's first lady, Ari Lennox, new project, Shea Butter Baby

Although Bandana came around less than two months ago, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib just released a brand new single through Adult Swim Singles program. "The Next Day" arrived last week featuring Madlib's brother, Oh No. Gibbs and Madlib will also be hosting a Boiler Room set as a launch party for Bandana in London.