Freddie Gibbs has been one of the most consistent artists in the game over the last few years, but he's never had the break he really deserved. Much of this was caused by his public fallout with Young Jeezy, whose CTE imprint was originally set to house Gibb's major label debut.

It looks like Gibbs is out to make a name for himself as an independent artist, with both his long-awaited collaboration with Madlib dropping Feb. 4, and a retail album out later this year.

"Cocaine Pinata coming out. My new album, Eastside Slim, is coming next after Cocaine Pinata shit." he told XXL. "I was gonna put out a couple of mixtapes and shit, but I am a hold back and put out this record. This Eastide Slim shit is coming together, I am about 75 percent done with it."

Gangsta Gibbs expressed excitement to take the DIY route. "After this Cocaine Pinata shit, this Eastide Slim [album] is definitely gonna break some motherfucker’s hearts. And I am gonna go on tour. Like I said, I am established [now]. I am trying to be the No. 1 independent [artist] this year. That’s what I am on."